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If you don’t know music theory and the formula for telling the key signature of a song by the number of flats and sharps in it — here is a SNEAKY MUSICIAN’S TRICK (one in a long series — collect them all).

This works for MOST songs — there will always be exceptions.  But I’d say at least 90% or 95% or maybe even 99% will follow this rule.

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An important requirement of any business organization is to generate a steady stream of qualified leads or prospects also commonly known as customers. Making sure that authentic leads flow continuously into your organization should be one of the most vital aspects of your business strategy. In this regard, B2B sales leads and B2B email lists are very effective and necessary as well.
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Direct mail used to be the standard tool used when promoting seminars. Today, many seminar promoters find that direct mail isn’t as effective in filling seminar seats. Here are 5 tips for improving the effectiveness of your direct mail seminar promotions.
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“My salesletter’s fundamentals are solid but it seems as if it’s the clueless lover who thinks he’s doing all the right things to give his woman pleasure but in reality… nothing is happening for her.”


Writing a sales letter is an art and a science.

The part about the art is the fact that techniques have been developed over the years that are proven successes.

If you aren’t following these techniques, you are just wasting your time … you won’t get results.

The science includes psychology and human behavior.  As much as anybody hates to admit it, we are not that much different than Pavlov’s dogs.  There are ways to make us drool!

Our favorite Note-Taking Nerd — Lewis LaLanne — has lots of material to guide you.  If you spend even a little bit of time learning the basics, you will start to notice a BIG difference in your response rate.

Go sign up for his free reports and reap the benefits of sitting through long seminars and reviewing videos and audio courses — with him doing all the note-taking for you!