Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter face off for the last time.

Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter face off for the last time.

With the release of the final Harry Potter movie, many are suffering a kind of separation anxiety.  No more Harry Potter?  What are we to do?

Well, if you are like me, you enjoyed the movies but never read any of the books.  I had always heard that the movies — although very well done — had to leave out a tremendous amount of JK Rowling’s story because of the limitations of cinematic treatments.

Reading a bunch of big, thick books sounds like a formidable task, but I found one person who was up to the task — Stephen Fry.

If you aren’t acquainted with Mr. Fry, this will be a terrific introduction.  He is thoroughly enjoyable as he adopts various tones of voice and accents for the multiplicity of characters in the Potter Universe.

Although I haven’t heard them, I understand in the US, Jim Dale was hired to read the books.  I love Mr. Dale’s voice, which I enjoyed during the cult-favorite “Pushing Daisies” where he also narrated.

If you spend a lot of time in the care, or just want to spend some relaxing time at home playing audio books, and you can’t get enough of Harry Potter, this is the perfect way to sooth your Potter-withdrawal.



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The Comics Reporter reminds us that there is no better way to end the week than a tour of the Al Hirschfeld Foundation web site.

Drawing of Bob Hope by Al Herschfeld

Bob Hope by Al Herschfeld

What? You’ve never heard of Hirschfeld?  He was the long-time Broadway caricaturist — his images captured the movies and Broadway plays and all the major players from both.

Go quickly — see the showcase and then keep Googling until you find more great line drawings from the legendary master artist.


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We Create Music

ASCAP features British composer Paul Leonard-Morgan — fresh off of his score for the hit movie Limitless, and he tells about the experience of scoring a major Hollywood movie.

He has scored various movies and TV series in the U.K. and worked with popular music bands, but nothing will blow your mind like a major motion picture.

Click here for unlimited access to Paul Leonard-Morgan’s website.


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Show some love for the wonder-est dog of them all — REX!

Rex the Wonder Dog Drives A Car

No texting, Rex -- just drive!

Former Army K-9 Rex was a test subject for a super-soldier serum, which gave him super speed, stamina and intelligence (and driving abilities?).

Unfortunately, the scientist who developed the serum was killed by a Nazi Spy!~ dirty Nazis!

So Rex was the only super dog of his kind.

After the war, Rex became a crime-stopper and an honorary Forest Ranger (!) as well as a Hollywood stunt dog.

Wow!  (Bow Wow!) — talk about a Dog’s Life!

He earned medals from the French Foreign Legion, and was named an honorary American Indian Chief!

When asked about his coolest adventures, Rex modestly spoke of fighting octopi, and glossed over his triumphant battles with T-Rex, pterodactyl, mammoths and even space aliens!

Yes, Rex saved the entire Earth many times — as well as his human handlers.

REX — The Wonder Dog — Haven’t you heard of him?


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