As a middle child, I have a lot to thank my older brother for. But in a few things, I wish I hadn’t followed in his footsteps.

My older brother was a trail-blazer when it came to drinking, smoking and most of the other passages from childhood to adult. Being only slightly more than two years younger, I became his sidekick — his drinking monkey.

Monkey smoking a cigarette and carrying a bottle of booze.I’ve since wised up and dropped my evil habits. But I know that many people aren’t able to master their habits.

On an unrelated topic, my younger brother (when he was very young) asked my mother if she would have another boy so HE could have a little brother (the poor lady had already given birth to three boys.)

She told him that more children were not in the picture.

So little brother asked, “Then can we have a monkey?”

For purposes of these anecdotes, both brothers will remain nameless. Please forgive me, my brothers.

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Every musical genre has its fans and its detractors. But every genre deserves respect.

People who turn up their noses as — say, Polkas — will sniff and tell you, “There is no such thing as a GOOD polka!”

Yet I can take you to certain towns and show you crowds of people dancing and drinking and having a good time (and paying good money) to enjoy the polka.

I dabbled in heavy metal quite a few years ago and I think there is even a sample of my work on my music page (link is over in the right-hand column).

If your goal is to write heavy metal songs, you may want to check out “tips for writing diverse metal genres” over on the Ultimate Guitar website.


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