John Lennon was asked, “What do you write songs about?”

And he answered, “Whatever annoys you.”  (From what I’ve read, John probably used a stronger word than “annoy.”)

I recommend checking in on Corey Stewart Songwriting Tips regularly.  A recent posting there says, “To be a songwriter you need to have the mindset of one. Always be on the lookout for an idea.

You can check out some methods of determining the subject of your next song, and how to always have a “next song.”




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When you discover something that you’ve never seen before, there is a thrill — probably what Columbus felt when the lookout hollered “Land HO!”

Víctor E. Pazmiño was not just some hired pencil who put the funny animals on the page to beat a deadline.  His figures are action-packed, never static.  His layouts were revolutionary for their time — breaking out of panels and overlapping.

This talent is so big, Joyville devoted two columns to it.  Follow the link to the first one and when you’ve found you haven’t had enough, go look at the second one too!


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