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John Lennon was asked, “What do you write songs about?”

And he answered, “Whatever annoys you.”  (From what I’ve read, John probably used a stronger word than “annoy.”)

I recommend checking in on Corey Stewart Songwriting Tips regularly.  A recent posting there says, “To be a songwriter you need to have the mindset of one. Always be on the lookout for an idea.

You can check out some methods of determining the subject of your next song, and how to always have a “next song.”




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Make your songs as easy for your potential listeners as possible.

Pretty good advice — and surprising how many songwriters don’t follow it.

I’ve sat through enough workshops and seminars through the years to realize that many artists think that obscurity makes them seem deep. Or maybe they try to camoflage their lack of ideas, musicality or originality in (what basically amounts to) dreck.

You can learn a lot of things about songwriting over at Corey Stewart Songwriting Tips.

He currently has an article by Sheena Metal which outlines some of the barriers that songwriters put up and how you can remove them from your audiences way.


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I want to let you know that I have shifted my songwriting blog over to WordPress and have renamed it Songwriting Zen.

The reasons for this move are many and varied and I wont go into them here.

I want to thank the people of Quikonnex for hosting Corey Stewart Songwriting Tips and my other blogs for the past 4 years.

I also want to thank everyone who has visited my blog, read my posts and made comments. The interaction with you all is fantastic and extremely valuable (even though I’ve been a bit slow in replying to some of you).

You can now find me at Songwriting Zen.

Until next time, keep on writing,

Corey Stewart


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