Bunkhouse Boys


It is “Craig Week” again and we are almost finished.  I’ve been posting daily on my Facebook page with pictures and anecdotes about Craig and the Bunkhouse Boys.


Today I posted an introduction to the various people who were a part of that scene all those years ago.  And there are plenty of pictures.


Tomorrow will be the Grand Finale for this year and it should be a doozy.  I’ll tell about our annual Fourth Of July Picnics and show some incriminating, ummm I mean … “Intriguing” pictures.

Here is the latest chapter — I hope you enjoy!

BHB Core Membership

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This time of year is full of holidays and reasons to party and be glad.  But for me it  is also a time of reflection — thinking of those I’ve lost and that won’t be partying with me on any of these holidays.

Two close dates mark the beginning and the end of my big brother’s life — bookends that are too close together.

Craig was born on Dec. 4 and died on Dec. 6 — 49 years apart.

It sounds silly to say that we were very close, but I’ve found that not all brothers are.  Craig was very special and he made his two brothers feel very special.  The relationship he had with me was different than the relationship he had with our little brother, Bart, but they were both very strong and special in different ways.

One of the things we three brothers shared was a magical, musical time in the mid-1970s when we played music together professionally.  Looking back, it was a very brief period. But duration really isn’t relevant.  It was magic.

Unfortunately, I don’t think many — if any — recordings survive from that musical partnership.  And I know there aren’t a lot of photos.

I’m starting a special page on this web site to reminisce about my late brother Craig, and am framing it against the backdrop of his — our — musical journey.

I’d like to invite anyone who knew him, or anyone who experienced our music, or just those who are kindred spirits to post comments, photos or whatever else you’d like to share.


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