Probably 40 years ago (I don’t have the exact date) my family owned a small, minor newspaper in an out-of-the-way little town in a nationally-insignificant news market, in which I wrote an article about food.

This was well before the day when it was expected of one to snap a photo of one’s meal and publish it on the most accessible mass-media platform in the universe. In fact, now that I think back, I am disappointed that I was not able to “Yelp” and was limited to a potential audience of less than 10,000.

On the positive side, (unlike today’s web audience) nearly all of them knew how to read.

However, I found a report that was obviously buried by a massive government conspiracy (the USDA) about food purity.

There are feces in all hamburger
Yes, I Blew-The-Whistle on what our sneaky government was trying to do to innocent and ignorant consumers by serving them contaminated food. I was the Edward Snowden, the Wikileaks, the Pentagon Papers of yucchhhy food.

Because ancient technology (1970s) was unable to guarantee absolutely pure food to be presented to the unwitting citizens of the greatest country in the Universal History, the government allowed the grocery-processing-industrial-complex to include up to certain limited amounts of things like insect parts, rat hair and feces and even … GASP! … human skin, hair and fingernails!

Well, this revelation caused a nationwide …. ummmm … statewide … er, uh … well, nobody actually commented on it. But I’m sure that somewhere a farm wife looked up from her Barcalounger during “Someone’s In The Kitchen With Dinah” (this would have been when she was canoodling with Burt Reynolds) and said, “Hey, Harve — do you know what those Commie Pinko Guv’mint agents are slippin’ into our food?”

To which her husband would undoubtedly reply, “Hush! They’s rats in the silo and they’s eatin’ all our wheat and poopin’ in it too!”
I was reminded of this by a recent article that reveals that nothing has changed.

Ahh … so on top of the many new problems we have in the modern world, we find there are still all of the OLD problems to contend with. And some people still insist on ending a sentence with a preposition!

Is this the end of America? Will the world survive?

Oh yeah, there’s also a presidential election coming and we are still at war and a couple new diseases have been discovered which are very dangerous to babies.

And now, back to your social media and funny videos of kitties and urban legends about Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg trying to give their money away to you for doing very little if anything.

Don’t Panic.

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If you are ready to give up on losing weight, if you are sick and tired of diets that don’t work, if you arDetective interrogating cop.e depressed that you follow all of your doctor’s advice and still gain weight, if you think you are unfairly blamed for “cheating” and being lazy …

We want to band together to fight for our health and make progress in the quest for a leaner, healthier body.

I hearby officially announce a new Meetup group named Irvine Overcoming Overweight Meetup, co-moderated by my wife, Estelle Toby Goldstein, and me.

The first meeting is scheduled Thursday, Sept. 29 at 25 Mauchly, Suite 322 Irvine,CA 92618. Go to the Meetup page linked above, and please RSVP as we have very limited space (about 30 people).

A great big thank-you to Nutripy™  and CEO Jeffrey Moore for allowing us to take over their warehouse for this meeting. You can park in the rear of the building and enter through the back door.

This is one place where you are welcome to bring your excess baggage!

My goal is to lose 100 lbs. How about you? You have a lot to lose? Maybe we can work together and reach our final goals happy and healthy!

Come join us — I’ll look forward to seeing you there.



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Oct. 20 issue of “San Diego Reader” is the “EAT” issue with lots of restaurant reviews and coupons.  Being a burger conniseur, I scoured the relevant section and decided to try out Daddy-O’s — one of those retro 50s type diners.  I love those kind of places and am satisfied with plain old burger and fries (well, bacon cheese burgers, medium and no pickle or mustard).  Wifey isn’t much on burgers (or meat in general) but loves ice cream — especially milk shakes and malts.

Besides, they had a coupon in the “Reader” — so we braved the rain storm and trundled down to Point Loma for a new burger experience.

Visions of hot rods and the strains of rockabilly music danced in my head.  I couldn’t wait to get there.

Daddy-O's Diner

Daddy-O's Diner -- When People Still Went There

But when I did — it was all dark!  We went up and peeked in the windows.  All the fixtures were there but nobody was home.  Then I noticed a sign on the window.

The restaurant had closed Oct. 30 — ten days after they ran a coupon in the “Reader.”  What the sludge

What could we do?  I was stoked for burgers and she was stoked for milkshakes, so we diverted our Cruisemobile for the Corvette Diner.  Sure, it is over-run with kiddie parties and difficult to get good service at times, but darn it — we were gonna get our Retro on!

The evening turned out OK.  The Corvette came through with good grub and good service. I had the “Blues Brothers” burger (a bacon cheeseburger with bleu cheese) and some onion rings, so the evening wasn’t a total loss.

But seriously, folks — the economy is so bad that even a modest little burger restaurant like Daddy-O’s is shutting its doors.  It’s enough to make James Dean weep.

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